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Cedarwood, an amazing gift of nature, is often seen in the ingredients list of some world-class perfumes. Cedarwood is mostly used and preferred by men, however, that’s not mean, women don’t use it. Cedarwood has the power to enhance the manly nature with a fragrantica aura. In the case of women, it can give them a mesmerizing smell but the adjusting nature may be lacking. In this article, you’ll know why Cedarwood is being used widely through its history and types.

What’s The History of Cedarwood?

If you have some knowledge about history, you’ll know trees, plants, rivers, and animals were admired by people as God. To be specific, not all creatures or woods were a god to them but cedarwood was. About 6000 years ago, cedarwood was admired as God by one Egyptian community. They used it in worshipping and sometimes they added the paste of cedarwood to do some holy rituals. You can say, that was the first step when they discovered the delightful smell of cedarwood, and eventually, it started to be used as cedarwood.


What are The Types of Cedarwood?

There are mainly 4 types of Cedarwood. Those are Lebanese cedar, Cyprus cedar, Himalayan cedar, and Atlas cedar.

Lebanese Cedar

Lebanon mountain is famous for the source of Lebanese cedar. The flag of the country itself represents the awesomeness of Lebanese cedar. Even in the Bible, cedarwood was mentioned as a holy material. So, having a scent of cedarwood is of course lucky to them. The Lebanon cedarwood oil is being extracted from Lebanese cedar woods.

Atlas Cedar

Atlas Cedarwood is available on the Atlas range of Morocco. Atlas cedar has unique distinguishable characters. The yellowish dark color is its specialty. It has an amazing distinguishable smell. The mixture of honey, apple, and mimosa, can be felt in this liquid. Few drops of this scent are enough to make your day.

Himalayan Cedar

Himalayan cedar is available in the Himalayas. It is also known as deodar wood in the local language. It has almost the same color as Atlas cedar. It has dark brown cinnamon-colored fluid. But the dry weight is compared to low. You can have 2.5 gm. Total production goes on 200 tons annually. The woody sweet nature will increase the level of perfume very high.

Cyprus Cedar

Cyprus Cedar is also known as Virginian cedar. It is red. It is widely popular in western America. It is rich in aldehydes and mimosa which gives it a stunning smell. It is quite costly as it’s hard to get. 


As you can see, these are the 4 popular cedarwoods that are often being used for preparing perfumes. Cedarwood generally gets its place at the endnote of maximum perfume. Because no one wants to miss the glorious holy smell of cedarwood at the end. Because of the woody nature, it is long-lasting too. So, if you have never tried cedarwood, then give it a try. You’ll become a fan of nature’s amazing creation by having it.