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When it comes to spicy seductive nature, perfume companies never forget to add Cardamom as an element. Mostly used as notes especially top notes. Go for a test. Try any arbitrary perfume and try to compare with others if freshness is your main purpose. Of course, you’ll find Cardamom as a common element that has won your heart. Now, the question is, why cardamom is effectively used in perfumes. You’ll answer because of its mesmerizing fragrance. But there is something more. Let’s see.

When The Purpose of Cardamom in Perfumes Came?

So many random stories are there if you search for history. But while researching, we have come across the most effective answer with proper reasons. For knowing the history, you need to look back at your kitchen. While cooking something special like chicken curry or any vegetarian items, do you know a small pinch of Cardamom can change the test? Because it has some natural ingredients which can demolish the bad smell, or raw smell and give a mesmerizing Scent. Though when it comes to our mouth, we feel disgraceful however all the flavor comes from it.

That’s where the concept came from. If anytime, you used phrases like ‘ delicious’ or ‘mind-blowing freshness’ to explain a perfume, there must be Cardamom.

Cardamom as The Note

Nowadays, perfumes have too much demand, not because of the fragrance only because of the fragrances. Yes, too many elements are being used to prepare it. However, freshness and spicy nature are getting faded away. The problem with most of the natural and synthetic elements is, for chemical reactions or dominant fragrances, the spicy nature can’t be felt. With cardamom, you don’t need to worry as it can keep its power intact. The spicy freshening nature lets the perfume makers use it.

What Does Cardamom Smell Feel Like?

It will make a warm layer of the perfume and will give you mother nature love whenever you add the drops of it. The unique characteristic is the spicy but sweet nature of this element. Sometimes it is used as the endnote because of its slightly woody nature. With time, may the woody nature fades away but the strong sweet flavor will accompany you the whole day. And because of its bad smell demolish characteristics, it can be used as a good Eau De Toilette. 


Lots of Fragrances with cardamom specialization characteristics are available in the market. Some have raw cardamom and some have synthetic. Certainly, natural cardamom has higher dominating power than synthetic cardamom. Cardamom has two Characteristics, it can give amazing smells and a refreshing aura too. That’s why you can use it anywhere for any purpose. Whether it is for trips or ceremonies, casual outings,  being on a romantic date, cardamom, a small kitchen element can keep your respect everywhere. We hope you have understood the importance of this spicy element in perfumes. So, from next time, make sure, you are buying the original cardamom Fragrances.