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We, the users always have an objection. Even after buying some branded or popular perfumes, we can’t get the performance they promised. Does it happen to you? Most of the users are suffering from two problems. After using Fragrance for Sometimes, they are not getting the same fragrance anymore and the second one is, they are not getting the long-lasting feature. Both of these problems have some easy solutions. You need to avoid some mistakes the users often make. Let’s discuss.

What The Users Must Avoid?

Are You Putting It in the Bathroom?

  • Have you ever watched your perfume bottle closely? You’ll find its bottle quality is quite thick. What’s the purpose? Because of the effect of the weather. Makers know how to maintain your bottle and the fluid inside it. But users make mistakes by putting it here and there. Most men have a bad habit of putting it into the bathroom. The bathroom is the room that can be explained as a good system for thermodynamics. Heat transfer and humidity are always there. That affects your perfume. The temperature change will put a physical and chemical effect on your perfume’s elements and ruin the inner scent.
  • Like the upper point, there is another casualty of putting it in the bathroom. If your Perfume has an open-top bottle or rolling system, you are making a big mistake by putting it in your bathroom. How? Because while you are taking shower, there is a huge chance that water droplets or water steam is storing on the bottle top. It affects the perfume’s fragrance. Water is very bad when it comes to perfumes. If you don’t know, perfumes have zero amount of water in them.

So, the conclusion is, never put your Fragrance in the bathroom or if you insist, then make sure it has proper precautions.

Perfume Use

Have You Ever Put it On Sun?

It’s again a bad thing. A bottle with amazing fluid will certainly shine in the sunlight. But have you ever thought about what will happen because of that action? Sunlight can kill the true essence of that Fragrance. So it will be very bad. Again don’t put it in closed drawers. 

Don’t Leave Your Perfume Bottle in the Car Alone?

When the doors are closed, the air pressure in the car increases the temperature. It Affects your Perfume. A closed system with too much increasing temperature will vapourize the essence.

Do You Want to Eat Foods with Perfume Essence?

No? Then never put your Fragrance in your fridge. The fridge is a room where the temperature change is happening continuously. Sudden heating and sudden cooling what inside the perfume. So, don’t put it in the fridge.


As you can see, in all the cases one thing in common, that’s temperature. Water and other surroundings are also the perfume’s essence. So, you need to avoid the common mistakes made by all. If you can keep this up, you’ll have a good time with your Fragrance and you’ll get again the long-lasting fragrant nature.