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At this point, understanding is still primitive, but our response to perfumes is quick and powerful. If possible, spray perfume on dry skin immediately after bathing. Keep the nozzle 3-6 inches away from the skin and focus on the following rules for using the scent. Different scents have different vibrations. It is important to know these vibrations and make the right choice. In addition, people associate scent with memory and other people. Carrying an unobtrusive, uncommon scent that will smell like the others. Your clothing is an outward expression of your self-awareness. The same applies to perfumes.

Pulse Point – The heat of the body pushes the scent out throughout the day, creating a beautiful scent streak, commonly referred to as a wake-up. Start with warm body parts, such as the chest, neck, lower jaw, wrists, forearms, the inside of the elbows and shoulders.

Only when needed – You can add or remove a spray on the wrist, depending on the length of the scent.

Don’t kill notes – it seems wise to rub the scent on your skin. It actually breaks down molecular bonds and weakens scent.

Not spraying or spraying perfume into the air and walking in fog is meaningless. Most fragrances fall directly on the floor.

Don’t spray perfume on clothes – the perfume doesn’t mix with the oil, so it can’t go through the note-taking stage as naturally as usual. Perfume oil stains many fabrics.


The floral scent is by far the most popular scent, romantic, light, and slightly sweet. These wonderful scents are a blend of flowers such as rose, canola, lilies, jasmine, and lavender. Most male floral scents have orange blossoms in the center, creating a catchy tone.


As the name implies, oriental perfumes come from some of the most exotic regions in the world. Made with spices like pepper, cloves, cinnamon, and vanilla, these scents are warm. This scent also has a certain depth and is more appreciated by adventurous people.


A wooden scent, widely accepted by men, usually has a bright top note with a muddy heart scent. Made from sandalwood, patchouli, and oak, these warm, dry musk notes provide an atmosphere of sophistication and mystery for all who wear them. Women love wooden notebooks at night.


A refreshing scent, commonly known as citrus or green notes, is based on lemons, oranges and bergamot. Herbal fragrance accentuates the refreshing aroma and revitalizes the senses. These are the perfect products for the sublimation of both men and women.

These are the individual ingredients of the perfume. There are three types of notes that make up a fragrance: top, middle and base.