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Men to women, children to old people, everyone in this world has a soft spot for sandalwood in their hearts. In India, sandalwood is being used as equipment to worship gods. It is heard that the sweet, mind-blowing smell of sandalwood is a precious gift of god or a gift of nature. This sandalwood is also being used for making perfumes. Thanks to its amazing smell even in a single drop, sandalwood is being highly used in making perfumes, eau de toilette, and colognes. Here, in this article, we’ll know some unknown facts about sandalwood and its relation with fragrances.

Why Sandalwood is Being Used to Make Perfume?

Probably, you are thinking the answer is straight. As it gives such amazing smell, that’s why it is widely being used. But that’s not the only reason. Once India was the greatest source of Sandalwood, however, after the legalization of cutting trees in India, the supply became to stop. Then, Australia became the next source and till now, it’s supplying to the whole world. Why it becomes necessary to find another source? Because the demand gets higher and higher. Let’s see the reasons why it is so high in demand.

  • The main reason is, it can blend with any other element and the blending doesn’t cause the problem of domination of smell either of sandalwood or the other elements. That’s why it is widely used in top, heart, and base notes. Lavender, pepper, jasmine, geranium, clove, patchouli, and with every other, give an amazing smell.
  • Sandalwood has another great feature regarding keeping you warm. Yes, warm because it gives you passive energy through smell, and on cold nights, the layer of sandalwood Perfume can give you a warm invisible blanket. It’s so comforting.
  • Lastly, it has no connection with refreshment directly. But while blended with citrus elements, it doesn’t change the composition of those elements. So, you’ll get true refreshment at the end along with the gorgeous smell of sandalwood. 


Can We Have Original Sandalwood in Our Fragrances?

Many of the users have a doubt, are they using the right sandalwood? Is it Original? Then, to be honest, no. Very few perfumes are using original sandalwood. But as it is very costly, companies are using synthetic ones. There are variations in sandalwood synthesization. Those are-

  • Beta Santalol is the first and most popular synthetic sandalwood. Sometimes it becomes hard to distinguish between these two.
  • Levosandol is the second category. It is made with cedar notes. The woody nature of this chemical is the specialty.
  • Polysantol is being used to give long-lasting nature to the Perfume. 
  • Ebanol is helping is supplying warmth and energy to your body. Best for the winter season.
  • Fleursandol, as the name suggests, it has floral nature, full in it. It gives such excellent smell of forests but not too much dominating and not too much dominated by sandalwood.

So, most of the common perfumes which have sandalwood in them, don’t have genuine sandalwood. You are getting either of these mentioned synthetic elements. So, as you know the secrets about sandalwood, next time be aware while buying.