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Prada Infusion D,iris By Prada For Women. Eau De Parfum Spray 1.7-Ounce Bottle Price: $71.49 (as of 09/04/2023 01:40 PST- Details)

A floral woody fragrance for modern women Crisp,
A floral woody fragrance for modern women Crisp, sweet, graceful, powdery, feminine & enchanting Contains notes of iris, Italian mandarin, Tunisian neroli, cedar & benzoin



A floral woody fragrance for modern women Crisp,
A floral woody fragrance for modern women Crisp, sweet, graceful, powdery, feminine & enchanting Contains notes of iris, Italian mandarin, Tunisian neroli, cedar & benzoin

Price when you smell it’s very flower, scented flowers that trick but yeah, it’s really really nice. It’S balanced that way. It’S some really sweet tones because it’s so sweet. I do believe that this fruits net, but it’s not the most famous smell, so they go. But this does smell like what it smelled like money. Okay, try. It say the notes for this time, for you include top notes, limoncello, heart notes, peony and base notes, mask benzoin, caramel and actually at the time I definitely can smell the honey. Definitely a lot more. Yes, caramel, there probably was given it that sweetness as well the limoncello. I then smelt that as much is that there is that sort of subtle, stinging us to the perfume interested, but guys. I think this is so nice. This is for that classy chic, lady yeah. I’D only say: she’s a Wallflower almost but she’s not trying to capture attention from anyone. She just does the case. You just radiate weight, a light to her. That’S it effortless elegance. There you go, I’m like it’s, not my usual. I do like it, okay guys. So the next perfume is the femme Prada Buddha, perfume. Okay, this box has this samples patent the McCain never again, yes, Ronald! We like bougie packaging up a nice. It’S like this whole wires level right, it’s really beautiful and it’s got white on it again. All this attention to detail with mini bottles, I’m living for a letdown. What are you gon na be nice or now them spicy bf store for the freight grill? I mean that’s not good. This automatically already smells like so sophisticated is the mature ladies. They would love this one, the fam Prada. Yes, I do feel like younger people like it all depends well, but I definitely think it’s targeted for the Torah lady. It’S not my money genuinely like dollars. I’M done double goal. Okay, so it’s not subtly endogenous as well, but yeah so smelling like sort of plants now something that smells kind of little. I know that sounds like not good, but it does smell good. Whatever the bit smell there, there is also sweet smell dirt. What is that smell offensive? Oh I’m, not too sure this is what I would usually think would be a great all terminal fragrance for sure life is autumn, winter fall ready. Well, I think you can also wear practical way to gear up. Also, I smelled vanilla he’s a smug way, a bougie lady who does not play around he’s mysterious, sensual she’s business orientated. Okay right, so the notes for left them quad are include the top name frangipani car notes, tuber rose, ylang, ylang, Spice and beeswax, and the base notes such as well and vanilla. This is a very unusual sort: Sun and spice tastic. Okay, despise God would approve yeah. Very spicy, Mead of the main thing, if you like spicy fragrances that have that sort of love smell to them. This is for you, and actually it smells nice offering the time. I am smelling a lot more gap in there long and that these were nice. One. Okay, look firm fraud on Fuji little number right there. The next fragrance to smell is the femme Prada load due to Twitter again what this gorgeous sort of packaging mimicking level, except this time it is pink and I’m living for okay, guys, let’s open it up, it’s pretty much exactly the same as the last one except Fragrance waters slightly lighter and the back of a pink library board’s detail nice right. Let’S get into this now, okay, guys, another bougie smelling fragrance, definitely a lot less spicy than the last little number, but it is really really nice. You know how a lot of fragrances have like residence. You have dialled a misty or it’s like it’s kind of like it’s little big-girl of that frequent. You guys know. I mean, like it kind of makes the one that is more for the younger to me anyways. I’M smelling the floral notes a lot more in this one. So, let’s spices in this any you know is that sweetness to where that’s all the spring summery smell there. So I do think that there’s fruits in this as well the flowers on like the main stars of the show these fragrances so far, like I’m, smelling that more than fruit I do like it. I still think why the kindly florell is the best one. So far. Okay, guys, so the notes for is perfume included, the top notes, mandarin orange frangipani, the heart notes, tuberose ylang ylang and the base notes to blue rose and Sun tal. I don’t know about you, but that sound like a whole lot of flower, woods, okay, but it is really really nice actually and it’s quite soft and again it’s just a lot lighter than the firm harder. This one is kind of more girly one with the earth, flower, power, wives, but a lot more understated and laid-back, and the last fragrance is this cutie right here is the smallest one actually, and it is called lady fusion, the Prada pirates, I probably butchered the name, But I tried the K guys but anyways. It’S got a whole card, mimicking lever, lever, act, sort of vibe going on here, really classical shapes or imagine that the main portals from what looks like has a whole lot of real level which is always suited up. But yeah that’s open it up, but it’s realized that the top of the package a peek through it does make it better anywho, so ducks with a poor. Look like really cute mmm. That’S really nice! Again! Another money smelling fragrance. We’Ve got here. Okay, all of these fragrances smell blocks because they are. I think I like this one more than I like the previous two. It’S not my usual. Do you get very fresh smelling? This is something that we’re doing summer yeah. There is some sort of surface T, lemony sort of smell fruity that vibe it’s got me shaking and shimmying. This smells like a nice classy locked beverage; okay, it’s definitely pretty, but it’s not like over partly fruity. It’S very soft again understated, yeah, classy, just effortlessly chic smelling, yes, and I have to say again, it smells like what it smells like. Moola like the dollars like the euro Mike’s a pounce, it has a powdery scent to it as well. It’S just great flowers are in there: okay Bardot, they like their flowers. Okay. I like this more than the last one and [ Music ], okay guys. So the notes include the top notes, Mandarin, a word Apopka. Now the heart notes include iris and the base notes include said onwards, incense and bundling. This is not my usual fragrant, but I really do like it. They love their flowers, yeah brother, our flower power, queens. Okay. So if you look for awesome, you will like this and I’m struggling to put this back in its package. You just found out how to actually close this and voila it my favorites in our product, Randy florell and the fusions of product iris, but yeah.

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