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Same scent, same bottle, same size. We all have a scent we all consider our scent. What we always wear to work and to meet friends, and what we always have is a jar in the closet. So how long have you been using it?

There are many reasons why women and men use the same perfume for many years. Because it is not easy to choose a perfume that feels comfortable, attractive, happy, fresh, and elegant. So once you have found your signature nature, it is difficult to change it. You can take turns with others for a special day, but there’s always something for you. Perfume suppliers vary in size, capacity, and commercial policy. To be sure, not all companies deal with every fragrance problem individually. Best results are sure to be achieved with a qualified supplier preparing perfumes for your purposes. Wise suppliers never try to solve problems they cannot solve on their own. Many perfume problems can be solved with the participation of experts. It’s important to note that your perfume remains intact until it is opened. Apparently, when you opened the perfume bottle and didn’t use it, you were exposed to oxygen.

At that time, the oxygen in the air will dilute and oxidize the perfume. So don’t forget that the watch starts ticking as soon as you turn on the perfume. Be sure to replace the lid after use to prolong storage. You need to consider the customer as the owner of the perfume product. Certainly, it makes no sense to invest money in perfumes. Fragrances, even if the package is fragrant, evaporate before it reaches the buyer. You often have to adjust the application and the surface on which the perfume is applied. So always determine the exact purpose and method of use. However, many people stick with a scent so they wear it for life, and some people change scent frequently when they wear socks. In most cases, it depends on your personal preference, but I want to mention a few other factors that need to be taken into account.

Why it is necessary to try a new fragrance

It’s important to know that trying a new fragrance doesn’t mean leaving your favorite brand, but opening the door to other fragrances that can accompany you on certain occasions. The change in smell is due to the change in our sense of smell through our existence, and this evolution is completely related to our love lives. On average, there is a change in scent every three years, and the scent that excites you from yesterday can push you back to almost where you were. If you want your product to be fragrant in a way that attracts potential buyers, you need a lot of scent testing. Designing a new perfume requires about 3 months of work. Product required to validate the actual application and the actual product. These experiments require cooperation with suppliers and should be carefully planned. You can try our Acqua Di Gio for better experiences.