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No matter what it is, an Eau de Cologne, an Eau De Toilette, and anything else, choosing perfume according to the matching personality, is the dream of all men and women. There is a certain age after which all of us want to grab the attention of others by reflecting our personality. Lots of factors are working behind catching someone’s attention, however, one common and easiest way is using a stunning, fascinating scent. When someone looks at you, your dress, your way of looking, your weight talks will attract him or her towards you. Then a beautiful smell can make him or her understand what you are capable of.

Aren’t you agree with this, if we say, using the best perfume is always the final blow to someone’s brain through olfactory lobs? Yes, it is. So, while choosing a perfume efficiently is necessary to enhance your gravity. 

How to Choose a Perfume That Suits Our Personality?

What is personality? And how can we understand this perfume is best for us? You are probably getting confused about this question, right? It is obvious. It’s difficult for anyone to understand who is he or she? But there is a great solution, just be in yourself or just pretend to be in yourself. Confused again? Let’s see how it works.

Suppose, you are a man or a woman, love to spend time with friends at weekends. And for the rest of the week, you involve yourself in office works. If you use a dark-themed perfume for office work, it will express your concern about the office, your seriousness, and the ‘ strictly professional’ nature of your character. You can use the same perfume for weekend parties but it won’t be as much as effective as an office.


The same thing may happen when you do reverse. If you use a charming citrus-type perfume with too much flowery for the weekend, it will express your joy and casual behavior after all week hard work. However, you can’t use this perfume for office works for the same reason. It won’t be worth expressing your personality.

Probably, you are getting what’s Personality right? The sense of ourselves according to the surroundings. Everyone casual about themselves, won’t realize the words said in this article. But if you are concerned about increasing your personality, then it’s an effective way. However, some elements can increase your personality for sure. It will be better to say, these elements can suit any timing and can show positive results. Those are-

  • Amber
  • Musk
  • Sandalwood
  • Cedarwood

Apart from these, you can use any woody elements but stick to these only. Try to avoid any other types of elements for increasing personality only. Just make sure from next time, your perfume has these elements. 


Very few people are aware of the secret of increasing Personality effectively. If you have read the article, you’ll agree with the words said. Be in yourself and express your true self through a mesmerizing stunning smell.