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Valentine’s Day is the only day when two love birds show their love for each other. To make this moment memorable, you need to select a gift with your heart. As there are lots of options available, men get confused among these. While on the other hand, giving perfume as a gift to your girlfriend, is probably the best gift to her. When you select a perfume, matching her character and personality, it makes her realize the love for her. Here, the 4 best fragrances are mentioned. Let’s know why these are special.

Nick Ricardo Collection Desire

The Nick Ricardo Collection has been making fragrances for women for years. They know how to put fragrance elements according to a woman’s skin. Desire is one of the amazing products of them.

  • It has bergamot, lemongrass, and pinot as top notes. The citrus elements here kill all the bad smells and give freshness for a long time.
  • Leather in the middle note gives you dignity, matching with your personality.
  • The endnote has musk and sandalwood, the reason behind the amazing woody smell at the end.

Aerin Amber Musk

This can be a completely separate gift for your valentine as it has the power to make you remember your sweet moments with her when you are on a voyage. The sweet smell of the woods and sea beach is full in this.

  • Coconut water is present at the top note. And it is the reason behind the smell of the island and sea beach. Freshness is the power of the top note of Aerin Amber Musk.
  • Rose is there in the middle note. The specialty about the middle note is, it makes you feel warm and creates a romantic situation like, sitting in a high location with your man, wrapping on a blanket.
  • Musk is at the endnote. Musk has a signature smell that will give you a mesmerizing aura whenever you use it.

Girls Perfumes

Chris Collins Sweet Taboo

The high concentration of the elements, give this perfume a completely new level. That’s why you can differentiate each note of this perfume, and certainly, it’s amazing.

  • Coffee is present at the top note. It gives the refreshment, as coffee beans are famous for refreshing power.
  • Cardamom at the middle note adds spice to the flavor.
  • Vanilla at the endnote completes this perfume. It gives long-lasting freshness and fragrance.

Chloe L’ Eau Eau De Toilette

First of all, it is best for giving as a gift to your girl in this valentine, as it has an amazing stylish body shape. Your girl will fall for you again and again. You’ll be stunned to know that there is no note in this perfume. Only a single element, Rose is there. Each drop of this fragrance is rich in rose water and the concentration ratio is very high. 

These 4 amazing perfumes are the best selections for this valentine’s day. Choose among these, and give your relationship a proper boost up.