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The perfume only reacts with your personal scent and your body’s chemical properties. This means that what you like about others may not be what you like about yourself. This is also the reason why patterns are so important in the fragrance world. Consequently, the sample sets tend to be better gifts than overflowing perfume bottles purchased from the visually impaired. Many scents maintain cycles. In other words, the scent you smell right after you apply it can be very different from the scent you smell yourself 10 to 15 minutes later. The heart and the base dominate the scent.

Consider your own comfort level. If you’re new to Cologne, the clean, fresh scent will leave you feeling refreshed all day, but it doesn’t give you the same impression of having an eau de toilette. I have written here the best list of exquisite Cologne that you may find helpful. If you are used to making an impression in Cologne, then there are many sophisticated designers in Cologne that can give you a stylish presence.

With these factors in mind, it’s time to choose a winner. To guide you, here are some Cologne for every wedding occasion where you can find yourself, whether it’s a casual beach wedding or a formal black-tie event.

  • Acqua Di Parma Essenza Eau De Cologne Spray
  • Acqua Di Parma Assoluta Cologne Spray
  •  AQUA DI SELVA by Visconte Di Modrone Eau De Cologne

Most of our fragrances come in a convenient spray, which can be measured in small quantities, knowing that men are basic creatures. Use the pulse point to spray on the neck, spray once on the wrist and rub on the other wrist. Do this before getting dressed. You don’t want people around you to notice the scent, so clothes should help spread the scent.

If the spray bottle is more concentrated and does not contain your chosen odor, you need a thin neck that can only be used once at a time. Use one drop the same way you would use the aerosol. Better to be too light than too heavy.


Good manners and good Cologne will turn a man into a gentleman. Perfumes are definitely an extension of your personality and a powerful tool for making a lasting impression.  Before going to a perfume store, we recommend thinking ahead about what you want for a perfume. Are you getting more serious and trying to brighten your personality? Perhaps the mild citrus scent is more appealing. If not, you’re a big boss or you’re on the rise and you want to maintain that serious advantage in the office. In this case, you would be better off with a deeper scent, be it spice or something fixed in the woods. At least once you understand what you want to achieve with scent, it will help you get rid of any unwanted scents. You can try Bath and Body Works Signature Collection Freshwater Cologne as a first try.