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At the beginning of 2021, with all the positiveness, perfume makers want to gift something special. All their effort is just for you, to give you an awesome valentine this year. Whether you want to use the perfume or want to present these as a gift, these collections are worth give you a good love story at the end. Let’s know what are those 4 amazing romantic collections.

Romantic Collections

Shalimar Philtre De perfume

Thierry Wasser who has designed this perfume didn’t leave a single opportunity to make it perfect. Those who have a great affection towards Shalimar products will find the unique positive spirit in this perfume. Iris, vanilla as the top notes, are being blended perfectly. The drops where iris and vanilla are mixed with lavender and bergamot, the feel of freshness can be felt. It is made for every type of skin. The long-lasting sweetness of this perfume is rich in natural ingredients.

Up to The Moon

Nino Machadze, who has made this perfume and has given the awesome structure to it, must receive a standing ovation from the perfume lovers. The attractive body and opening of the Up to The Moon will make you think twice why won’t you buy this one earlier. While opening the cap, the fragrant flood of raspberry and crispy pear in the top note will amaze you. In the next stage, the middle note has rose and jasmine, rich in the perfume. Your olfactory lob will explore with the richness of mid-note. Amber, ambrette is there in the endnote. Moreover, this amazing perfume is worth giving you a perfect ending of the valentine.

Love Story

Love Story is a special gift from Vines House Parfum. To trigger your senses, the rich flavor of raspberry juice, violet leaf, and pink pepper are being blended properly. As the layered opening is going on, the sweet smell of damask rose, jasmine, and geranium on your skin, gives you the feel of the floral garden of the Western. But as the opening comes to an end, Tonka, saffron, clove, and cinnamon waves will flatter with their exceptional smell. Just like the name, Love Story from Vine House Parfum will give a compliment to your love. 

Get The Feeling

Maurizio Cerizza is the designer of the perfume. The purpose of making this perfume was to represent the Italian Guido. But as it gets famous for some unique characteristics, it’s just perfect to use as a romantic gift. The spicy nature of ginger will blow your nose and when it touches your heart, you’ll feel aromatic davana, cardamom and coriander are there to comfort you. Juniper berries, patchouli, and amber at the end will accompany you with a warm feeling.

The best part is, all of these perfumes are very cheap but perfect as a gift. Whether it is the scent of it is the romantic heart-catching structure, the bottles are enough to give you a perfect full stop.