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Ultimo Eau de Toilette for Men Price: $80.00 (as of 16/01/2022 11:33 PST- Details)

Bergamot and mint as top notes
Cinnamon, vetiver and lavender as middle notes
Amber as dry note

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Bergamot and mint as top notes
Cinnamon, vetiver and lavender as middle notes
Amber as dry note
Ideal for evening wear and special occasions
Made in the USA

The masculinity of a man is a part of his personality. Dressing, body language, and Maintaining a gesture are not enough to enhance it. To enhance it, perfumes are best. But a true man never compromises with anything that may increase his gravity more like after shaving scent. Ultimo Eau De Toilette is specially designed for men to use after shaving. It will give you a fresh look and outstanding refreshing fragrance. Also, the ingredients in the scent will be beneficial to destroy germs and bacteria. 

Let’s check out the amazing features of this amazing scent of the United States.

  • The top notes of this scent are bergamot and mint which will give you the refreshing look. The citrus flavor will give you a positive start of the day. The ingredients of top notes are also helpful to kill harmful bacteria and germs on the skin.
  • In the middle notes, the cinnamon, vetiver, lavender, and some other ingredients will give you the spicy, manly aura that everyone loves. 
  • Amber is the dry note and also used as an endnote. The fragrance of Amber will keep you energetic all day due to its long-lasting characteristics.
  • The bottle is available on a 3.4-ounce pack. You can buy a package of two bottles also. 

Business meetings, professional works, presentations, and casual outings, for every purpose, Ultimo Eau De Toilette by Tru Fragrance and Beauty, will be a great partner of yours. Select this one, to have a new ‘You’.

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