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Curve By Liz Claiborne For Men. Cologne Spray 6.8 oz Price: $33.04 (as of 21/05/2022 10:57 PST- Details)

Cologne Spray 6.8 oz

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Cologne Spray 6.8 ounces

Curve By Liz Claiborne For Men. Cologne Spray is a brand new product with an amazing woody smell, best for outings. Claiborne, the branded company of fragrance in America, has specially designed this product for men for their leisure. Men love to hang out after the day of work. Even for the weekends, to make you confident enough to explore more things, it will accompany you. Apart from woody flavors, the citrus elements are there too, to keep away the bad smells from you. Also best for dates. The overwhelming smell will carry on the story. Let’s check what are the features of this scent.

  • The top note is full of flowery extractions of Western woods. Lavender, Douglas fir, and juniper berries are blended here. These are the reason behind the unique flowery smell of this scent.
  • Clary sage, cardamom, rosemary, and lavender are there in the heart notes. Even after spending a whole day, using this fragrance, you can sense the presence of these elements. These are the reasons behind the long-lasting spicy smell of this fragrance.
  • The endnote is made with sandalwood and black pepper. These elements are made with three to four layers. These will suit you in any environment both day and night. 
  • You’ll get 6.8 in one bottle of this product. 

Don’t hesitate to use this, because lots of people have realized the importance of this product in daily life even in special moments. Buy this, use this, and let your personality come to the spotlight. 

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